Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something to show

December last year I make a tote bags that we gift away to my husband office mates.  The design is very simple and could be use in any casual occasion. I make additional pocket,  inside for some space to put all things. it's good thing that they like what i make for them.  unfortunately, I forgot to take a shot . Anyway,  I will make a copy of that bag same design but, maybe in different color and post it as soon as possible.

On my husband Christmas party I made him his costume the theme of their party was like a "Wild wild West"  so I looked in the net  in found something like this, I've done some collaboration with the design and it turns out good and made him won a price as the "Cowboy of the West".

It was also their Christmas party when I made him a leather jacket coz, the theme of their group was from the movie of "Grease".

After January, here it comes the February!  the month of the Heart they say,  for lovers, or even for single and or for everyone who are in love or who wants' to be in love.
 I made this lingerie long time ago, and I think its right to give it a shut for second time around. I will post it again for I  specially made it for this occasion. You can comment if you like it!

For summer I have a three sets of swimsuits that I made before First, the Pink printed in white flowers,


Second the Navy blue in sporty style cut,

and third, the sexy gold one.
These are all my creations some, I made them.
These fast few days I saw my son school bag, it is old and stain with the dirt . So,  I think of making him a new one.  I search for a design, I suddenly  thought that  my son really love to have a dog pet but, he can't have for it was forbidden because of his father asthma and his brother conditions.
Anyway, I made him a dog bag and he likes it very much!

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